Light Vehicle Course

At IDI, The light Motor Vehicle course is the most popular course. We maintain a fleet of 40 light motor vehicles to teach our students the most advanced and futuristic driving skills. We offer 1 to 1 driving sessions which means the student will get individual attention of the instructors. At IDI, safety stands at first for our students and instructors as well, the driving sessions will be carried out in modern dual control vehicles equipped with emergency controls. Our professionally trained instructors with years of experience will guide and motivate you to learn, how to stay alert , expert road navigation and maintain vehicle control regardless of driving and environmental conditions.

  1. Lectures and practical sessions.
  2. Parking learning including garage parking, side parking, and hill parking.
  3. Use of LMV instruments like Clutch, Accelerator, Brakes, etc.
  4. Learning of signals (sessions include both theory and test sessions).
  5. Learning of systematic driving skills.
  6. Development of observation skills, improvement of reaction time and bettering of timings.
  7. Learning of blind spots, lane discipline and lane changing.
  8. Learning of vehicle control skills and enhancement of attentiveness.
  9. Handling of emergency situations.
  10. Knowledge and improvement of hazards which pose actual and potential risks.
  11. Development of best attitude and learning of safe and defensive driving skills.

Eligibility conditions for joining the LMV driving course

  1. The student must be at-least 17 years and 6 Months or older.
  2. He must have an eye test certification obtained from an approved and licensed eye testing center.


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